Monday, 19 May 2008

She's Back

As an aside I want to comment on the picture I had in the last post. I know it was some time ago now, but the family crisis I talk about below meant my energies have been directed elsewhere recently. I have now watched a Harry Potter film and am sure that the house I posted is not the genuine article. In the film there were steps up to the front door, which the one in my picture clearly does not have.
The important news though is that little sister Martyne is out hospital.
I have been very worried. I even went down to the West Midlands to visit her last week. She was going to have her operation the next day and was clearly anxious. Despite this, she put on a brave face. I am very proud of her.
I am sure she will tell you all about her experiences when she is feeling a bit stronger.
Finally I would like to say a big public thank you to Hester. I have always admired her and am so glad she has stood by Martyne in her time of trouble. She's been a brick.