Monday, 23 December 2013

Grand Day Off

Since I had a whole Friday off work recently I decided to do the Stockport to Stalybridge train run again. I did it in 2000 when I had an afternoon to kill in Manchester but until I moved to Yorkshire it has not been a viable day trip. In fact until recently it wasn't even possible from York because the train left Stockport too early to get there in time.
When I say "the train" I mean the one and only train, operated by Northern Rail, that runs between these two stations every week. That's the whole novelty of the trip. Only one train in one direction each week. The reason is that it is cheaper to do this than go through all the expense of decommissioning the redundant parts of the line. There are a few examples around the country and they are referred to as Parliamentary or Ghost trains.

The train currently leaves Stockport at 10.13 and the first stop is Reddish South at 10.20

We stopped at Denton next but unfortunately my carriage window ended up opposite the last lamppost on the platform and it's sign had fallen off. We departed before I could get down the train and take a picture of another sign. Both these stations get little maintenance due to their infrequent use.

Guide Bridge is actually on a busy piece of track but most trains pass through without stopping

My journey's end in Stalybridge and a chance to take a picture of the train. A Class 142 built by BREL in Derby between 1985 and 1987. Based on the Leyland National bus but with 3+2 bench seating across the carriage.
The final thing I did was visit the Stalybridge Buffet Bar which is on one of the other platforms. It is like a cross between "Brief Encounter" and "The Rovers Return". Altogether a most enjoyable day and I am sure Martyne will be glad I have got it out of my system at last. She's been looking rather threatening the last few times I've mentioned the trip!

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